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“The Texas Business Update” is a daily snapshot that includes business interviews and industry promos heard nationally on News/Talk radio stations. “The Texas Business Update” features some of the leading business leaders and their products and services. Each day, tune in to what’s happening in business only on “The Texas Business Update”!

On Texas News Talk     WBAP 820 AM

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The Texas Business Update broadcasts during the noon hour on the largest most powerful news talk radio stations in the country. The stock market and programs like The Dan Bongino Show are typically airing during this coveted hour. Local and national news as well as conservative opinion that delivers real listeners and real results


Sample Station Affiliates

550 KFYI

talk radio, Greater Phoenix


1120 KMOX

Talk Radio, St. Louis

760 KFMB

Talk Radio, San Diego

820 wbap

Talk Radio, Dallas/Ft. Worth

1000 KTOK

Talk Radio, Oklahoma City

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