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The 2 minute segment made up of a 4 question interview is broadcasted on local news talk radio during the noon hour.  

The promotional interview is a long form 4 question promotional opportunity that allows the audience to become familiar and comfortable with the company representative through comprehensive responses that display a command of the industry and marketplace.

The producer provides 4 questions that can be changed by the company and 30-35 word responses are prepared ahead of time by the industry leader. These are prerecorded in the studio in by phone patch over ISDN lines (a landline is preferred.) The final interview of the promotional exchange are provided to the featured company.

Produced By:

Marvel Production Group, LLC
3601 Shire Blvd. Ste. 105
Richardson, Texas 75082
Office: 1-800-497-7004
Cell: 214-476-0606

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